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How Can A Company Give Away Their Product And Be Worth Billions?

FacebookIn 2016, Facebook (FB) earned over $10 billion, while seemingly giving away their product. FB's sales averaged almost 50% growth over the last 5 years. The current stock price tops $150/share – the market values the company in excess of $425 billion. That's pretty heavy lifting for a company that went public just five years ago.

Tech stocks mentality

Investors look for tech companies to continually invent new products. Apple did that with the Mac, iPhone and iPad, leading the world into a new dimension of technology.

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Philly Soda Tax Is Fizzling Flat

What is it about politicians? When they have budget problems, their solution is to contrive all kind of excuses to create and raise taxes. Cost cutting is seen as performing an unnatural act. The newest gimmick is a “Soda Tax”, basically a tax on sugary beverages. Philadelphia started the trend. Their efforts are fizzling out and causing problems. Berkeley, San […]

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Games People Play

The games played by corporate America put Houdini to shame. Their illusions exclude the warning, “Don’t try this at home”, nor is it for entertainment purposes only. Corporate America and Wall Street encourage investors to buy overpriced stocks, while executives collect bonuses for lousy performance. Looking behind the curtain Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) versus adjusted earnings. Many play this […]

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Robots, Retirees and Reality

Are robots a threat to our society? Can they take away our jobs, or manage our retirement nest egg safely? How will people earn money to buy goods? In the early 1960’s I had the privilege of working for Leighton Wilkie, a lesser-known captain of industry. He and his brother invented the band saw and built a good size empire. […]

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The Fed is Playing, “Pin The Tale On The Elephant!”

The Federal Reserve’s Zero Interest Rate experiment saved the banks and destroyed the retirement plans of many generations. Now they want to “normalize” things. Their solutions are ill timed and risky! When things collapse, President Trump will become a combination of Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter – blamed for the catastrophe. Democrats will be cheering, “Pin the tale on the […]

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The Bank Was Saved And The People Were Ruined – Part II

Despite Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s expression of confidence in raising the federal funds rates, the worst of the tragic consequences of the government bank bailouts is yet to come. Part II of “The People Were Ruined” is on the horizon, and “the people” are going to suffer dramatically. William Gouge (1796-1863) was credited with the famous quote. His premise […]

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Social Security, Robo-Advisers & Misinformation

For decades, every presidential candidate has vowed to “fix” social security, yet it never happens. In the meantime, workers have money deducted from their paychecks and retirees get paid. Is the system really broken? In a word – YES! While the politicians fiddle, the system continues to deteriorate. The challenge becomes more difficult because there is so much misinformation about […]

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