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Do Central Banks suffer from “Infusion Confusion”?

Miller On The MoneyWhen it comes to currencies and inflation, my go to guru is Everbank's Chuck Butler. Chuck writes the Daily Pfennig which is a must read. He keeps us up to date on the currency markets and his predictions are almost always spot on – generally well ahead of everyone else.

Chuck also has a terrific sense of humor. He goes in regularly for "infusion" chemotherapy cancer treatment. He jokes about the next day, calling the side effects "infusion confusion".

I want to talk to Chuck about the world Central Bankers. Bloomberg recently reported, "Abe's Fiscal Plan Follows a Long Road of Packages That Failed" – outlining Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's "bold" plan to revive the economy with a $273 billion dollar package. It's the 26th dose of fiscal stimulus since the country's epic markets crash in 1990.

"The nation has had extra budgets every year since at least 1993, and even with that extra spending, it has still had six recessions, an entrenched period of deflation, soaring debt and a rapidly aging population that has left the world's third-largest economy still struggling to get off the floor."

Since 1993 their central bank has attempted to revive their economy by infusing cash into the system. It's been a colossal failure. Continuing with the same behavior and expecting a different result is not "infusion confusion", it's insanity! I don't get it! It's time to call Chuck.

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