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What’s Going To Happen To The Value Of The Dollar?

dollarPresident Trump wants to increase exports and says the dollar has to come down. Janet Yellen and the Fed are hell-bent on raising interest rates, which should increase the value of the dollar. Historically the economy slows down when rates begin to climb yet the stock market is soaring.

High inflation affects all of us and generally signals a weakening of the currency. Kiplinger forecasts, "Core inflation, which excludes food and energy, will end 2017 at a 2.4% annual rate."

For those who don't eat or drive, that doesn't sound too bad. They also predict, "Overall prices of groceries will be nearly flat next year but the cost of dining out will rise.".

Gasbuddy reports, "Motorists to spend $52 billion more at the pump in 2017, yearly average to be 36-cents higher." They anticipate the average price will rise 16.9% to $2.49/gallon.

When you fill your tank on the way to your favorite restaurant, you'll likely agree with Shadowstats. If inflation were calculated in the same manner it was in 1990 the published rate would be around 6%.

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