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Do You Really Want to Retire?

Do You Really Want To Retire?Do you really want to retire? You may give up more than you realize.

I was on the verge of tears when I called Amy 30 minutes before I was supposed to pick her up for our first date. My parents broke their promise and said I couldn't use the car; I had no wheels!

Amy (fictitious name) was a pretty freshman girl who sat behind me in study hall. It took weeks to get up the courage to ask her out. I was humiliated; I was going to be the laughing stock of the school.

That traumatic event of 60 years ago changed my life. I swore I would never do that to my children. In a few short minutes I discovered the need for financial and emotional independence that's never gone away. Ten days out of high school I was on a train to Marine Corps boot camp. I never looked back!

That drive to become independent was a heck of a motivator. It never went away.

The Allianz Life survey that reported, "A surprising 61% of all respondents said they were more afraid of outliving their assets than they were of dying," makes perfect sense to me. Running out of money means giving up your independence.

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