What Will Happen To Dividend Stocks When The Fed Continues To Raise Rates?

What’s going to happen to dividend stocks when the Fed continues to raise rates? In early 2016 San Francisco Fed President John Williams predicted, “I think something in that three-to-five-rate-hike range makes sense, at least at this time.” It didn’t happen; they waited until December 2016 to raise rates a quarter point. Janet Yellen and her Federal Reserve Gang now […]

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Calexit – Beat the Crowd

Our country has become bitterly divided. No matter who won the election, I predicted we would soon be reading about states wanting to secede from the union. Even before President Trump was sworn in, the California movement, known as Calexit, began. The first step is to ask voters to adopt a state Constitutional Amendment revoking the U. S. Constitution as […]

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An Economic Showdown is Looming

The Keynesians and the Capitalists are heading for an economic showdown at the O.K. Corral. Keynesians believe the central government should control the economic levers affecting the masses. The economy can’t be entirely left up to the free market. Big government believers want the “leaders” determining the winners and losers. Controlling reallocation of wealth preserves the power of the political […]

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