I want the truth!

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen reminds me of Colonel Jessup being interrogated in the movie, “Code Red”. Kaffee: “I want the truth!” Col. Jessep: “You can’t handle the truth!” If the Fed wanted us to know the truth they are capable of a clear explanation in plain English. Instead they talk in “Fed-speak” and then tell us what they want […]

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Rope-a-dope Fed style – “I’m going to sting like a butterfly and float like a bee!”

In June the Federal Reserve announced no rate increase. In typical Fed doublespeak they dropped several hints. The original rope-a-dope man, Muhammad Ali, is probably rolling his eyes in bewilderment. Remember the Fed said they would hike rates when unemployment got below 6.2%. Oops! Too soon, and they waffled refusing to commit to further benchmarks. Last summer the Fed hinted the economy […]

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