50,000 Shades of Grey

I was at good friend David V’s house watching a ball game. Between innings we saw two commercials. The first told viewers why they should vote for the incumbent governor, touting his accomplishments and describing him as a “fiscal conservative”. Immediately following was his political opponent, touting his wasteful spending, squandering away a budget surplus and calling him “fiscally irresponsible”. […]

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Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot?

As a night school student, I was an accounting manager for a national company. I took a sick day and my punishment was a promotion to credit manager. I hated it! The sales department wanted sales and my performance was based on minimizing credit losses. The tools I had to work with were archaic compared to today’s standards. My decisions […]

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When Congress names a bill look in the mirror

When Congress names a department and/or passes an “act”, it generally does the opposite of what it’s named. How “secure” is our Social Security, and how much offense has the “Department of Defense” been playing over the last several years? In October, the House of Representatives passed “The Retail Investor Protection Act.” The Investment Company Institute, (the national association of […]

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