When Congress names a bill look in the mirror

When Congress names a department and/or passes an “act”, it generally does the opposite of what it’s named. How “secure” is our Social Security, and how much offense has the “Department of Defense” been playing over the last several years? In October, the House of Representatives passed “The Retail Investor Protection Act.” The Investment Company Institute, (the national association of […]

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The Missing Link to accumulating wealth

“OK people, listen up!” screamed my drill instructor at the top of his lungs. We knew we better pay attention. I recently interviewed Michael Dubrow of Moneytips.com about research they have done in conjunction with their book, The Retiree Next Door. Michael’s response to one question really got my attention. “Most people know what they should do: plan, save more, and spend […]

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The USS Social Security is sinking fast!

The 2015 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report was released in late July. It starts off with an urgent warning for everyone. “Social Security’s Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund now faces an urgent threat of reserve depletion, requiring prompt corrective action by lawmakers if sudden reductions or interruptions in benefit payments are to be avoided” I’ll skip the fuzzy-math and get to […]

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