I want the truth!

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen reminds me of Colonel Jessup being interrogated in the movie, “Code Red”. Kaffee: “I want the truth!” Col. Jessep: “You can’t handle the truth!” If the Fed wanted us to know the truth they are capable of a clear explanation in plain English. Instead they talk in “Fed-speak” and then tell us what they want […]

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When Congress names a bill look in the mirror

When Congress names a department and/or passes an “act”, it generally does the opposite of what it’s named. How “secure” is our Social Security, and how much offense has the “Department of Defense” been playing over the last several years? In October, the House of Representatives passed “The Retail Investor Protection Act.” The Investment Company Institute, (the national association of […]

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It’s time Uncle Sam takes a haircut at his expense

For the third time since 2010 social security recipients will not receive a Cost of Living Adjustment. The working class is cutting personal spending and businesses worldwide are doing the same. The Wall Street Journal reports: “More than a year after oil prices began their descent to under $50 a barrel from over $100, the number of energy-company layoffs world-wide […]

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