Here are just a few reviews from my readers.

“Dennis – another excellent article. Keep up the great work – your emails are a priority over the dozens of others I receive.”

– Mike T.

“Hey Dennis, I love the way you write. You’ve helped me a lot since you were with Casey and still with your current writing. I just wanted to let you know you are much appreciated. I’m using your Amazon link when I shop there. I hope it helps. Best to you and Jo!”

– Michael P.

“Dennis, I subscribed to your prior publication when you were with Casey. It was one of my favorite and most read advisements. It was discouraging when I heard about the end of your relationship with the aforementioned group.

I did some ‘searching’ subsequent to your move to Arizona in hopes that you would affiliate with some entity or publish on your own.

I’m glad I have located your new publication and will now become an avid reader again. Your direct bottom line advice presented in a diplomatic and sometimes humorous fashion is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Good luck to you in this endeavor as well as your new life in Arizona.”

– Robert H.

“Our family has been reading Dennis Miller’s letters and book ever since they became available. His advice is very helpful to us, especially since we want to avoid risk to our principal to the extent it is possible, but still have some earnings.”

– Sincerely, Arthur C.

“[Dennis] has a sound understanding of investing, written so we average people can use what he writes about. His work is also enjoyable to read making investing fun as well as serious.”

– Mary Lou P.

“I happened across Dennis Miller several years ago when I read an excerpt from his book Retirement Reboot. It put into words the frustration I was feeling. I have found his common sense approach to investing, particularly for seniors, very valuable guidance for us. Subscribing to his writings has helped us make sensible investments in this zero rate environment.”

– Ed S., Ph.D.

“Sorry to learn we will no longer be getting your insight and words of wisdom for us old retired folks from Casey reports. Too many newsletters and articles are directed to people that are in their earning phase of their life looking to assist them for a large fee to dispense some advice. The problem for seniors who do we look to for advice now that we are no longer have earned income whether our retirement fund is very small or large? We are going to really miss Miller’s Money Weekly. I suggest that you refer anyone that is looking for info to pick up your book Retirement Reboot for a good start.”

– Phil C.

“Dennis has a common sense approach to what is usually cloudy and complex subject matter.”

– Bob D.

“Dennis writes in a language us non-sophisticated retirees…and our children can understand.  So many ‘experts’ use inside lingo and it is easy to get lost what is truly being written.”

– Courtenay W.

“Dennis Miller is among the most articulate financial writers I follow.  Unlike the noise generated by most of media, he does not use scare tactics to get the reader’s attention.  As a retiree himself following a long career of motivating both top management and employees of some of the biggest companies in America, Dennis is highly qualified to fill the role of ‘retire-mentor’.  America needs his kind of calm, reasoned retirement advice.  He cuts to the chase in a reader friendly style; provides rich useable content and is a voice that deserves to be continued.  With the millions of baby boomers retiring each year, the advice of Dennis is a roadmap to sound decisions!”

– Jeff White, President & CEO
American Financial Group, Ltd.

“Dennis Miller is an excellent radio guest because he has firsthand experience dealing with the complex financial challenges facing today’s retirees and baby-boomers. I’ve interviewed hundreds of financial experts on my daily radio show and I can say that Dennis is easily one of my favorites. He is the ‘real deal’ and welcome back anytime.”

– Sincerely, David D. H., CFP, CPA/PFS, CLU, ChFC

“I always appreciate Dennis’s smart, unconventional and no-holds-barred retirement advice. Tells it like it is and offers practical, real-world solutions.”

– Craig T.

“What I really liked about the newsletters were: 1) the content was easy for anyone to follow and not the least bit intimidating, 2) the tone was friendly and filled with good advice and realistic expectations (as opposed to those newsletters that make you feel stupid for not having bought in to the latest thing right before it gapped up), 3) you shared an actual portfolio of investments (as opposed to just sharing an opinion like all the talking heads on CNBC), and 4) it was written with an audience in mind that I can relate to, even though I’m still years away from retirement.

Keep up the good work!”

– Andreas S.

“Hi Dennis,

I always looked forward to your informative articles that were peppered with personal touches.  Much ‘warmer’ than the bulletins that are all over the place.  Very enjoyable lessons!”

– Susan B.

“I have appreciated our camaraderie and review and critique of one another’s work as fellow writers for Casey Research, Dennis.  I always find your insight to be valuable and fair, if not always entirely laudatory, which is exactly what a fellow writer needs.  I have also appreciated your newsletter, Dennis.  It is always carefully and thoughtfully developed and I read it with the confidence that I am benefiting from the same careful analysis and research you use to guide your own decisions – choices that serve to preserve and increase wealth and contribute to a rewarding life.”

– Regards,  Don G.

“Dennis’ writing is a joy to read.  He has a distinct writing style that is both easy to read and comprehend.  He has a unique style that illustrates new and novel ideas while educating the reader.”

– Robin H.

“I’ve known Dennis for many years, both personally and on line and I’m happy to attest to his honesty and integrity in his dealings with me and his on-line paid subscribers.”

– Ed S.

“Dennis has given us well-composed pieces with good advice for the readers of BoomerCafé.”

– Greg Dobbs, Executive Editor, BoomerCafé.com

“Your writings and wit and clarity of communicating information in a timely manner regarding our daily lives financial decisions was so looked forward to by my entire family and friends I shared your information with. It definitely was information worth sharing. I have to say, I did save some money, or rather not loose it in the first place on a choice made after reading the Pro and Con information you presented.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the education you provided not only to myself but my family and friends and I’m sure many others. May any future writing endeavors include me on your list of readers. The best to you and Ms. Jo in the future.”

– Alex N.

“Dennis Miller possesses the conviction, integrity, and passion that very few of his contemporaries demonstrate. HIs greatest passion is for his readers. Indeed, it is for the benefit of his readers that Dennis imparts his lessons learned, both the good and the bad. Dennis consistently holds himself and his team to the highest level of professionalism. It was always my pleasure to work with Dennis on every endeavor we undertook.”

– Lee C.

“Dennis has addressed an area of financial advice where many retired or soon to be retired people need to have guidance. Through experience, common sense, and research, he has helped many people transition into their retirement years. His writing is easy to read and understand and provides a solid platform for a successful retirement.”

– Tom G.

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