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Can a Trade War Really Cause a Shooting War?

Trade WarWill we repeat the mistakes of the past that led up to WWII? Jim Rickards thinks so. His recent article "Now, a Trade War – Is a Shooting War Next?" offers the history leading up to WWII and warns:

"Get ready for an all-out financial war between the U.S. and China.

Germany is also in the crosshairs….

Trump has already torn up the TPP trade agreement and has put Canada, Mexico, and South Korea on notice that their trade deals need to be renegotiated.

A full-scale trade war is now upon us. (emphasis mine) It will shake markets and be a major headwind for world growth. It will get ugly fast and the world economy will be collateral damage.

Today looks like a replay of the 1930s. As Mark Twain reputedly remarked, "History does not repeat, but it does rhyme."

Next comes the shooting war with North Korea, which will inevitably draw in Russia, China, South Korea and Japan. This will be tantamount to World War III."

Last week we published Part I of an interview with Richard Maybury who publishes the "US & World Early Warning Report". Richard also warns:

"(Recall) …. the warning by the great libertarian economist and legal scholar Frederick Bastiat (1801-1850): "When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will." (emphasis mine) There's hardly anything that will trigger a shooting war as fast as governments trying to destroy businesses and jobs in each other's countries."

On to Part II. When it comes to what causes wars and what really happens, Richard is the expert.

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