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Best of Dennis – When Advice Conflicts, Who Should You Listen To?

Stock AdviceDennis is tending to his health again and hopes to be back writing very soon. Here's an article that is a very interesting look back at the 2017 market and is worthy of a re-read in these times. This article was originally posted on December 7, 2017.

We moved to Texas in the early days of the dot-com boom. I reconnected with a boyhood friend Tom. He has an economics degree from an Ivy League school, became a successful stockbroker and economics consultant.

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Where Are You Gonna Cut Back?

The public is up in arms, and rightfully so. Gas prices are going through the roof with no end in sight.  I don’t ever remember spending $100 to fill the tank on my Honda minivan. This is nuts! Wolf Street provides a graphic. Supply is government restricted, prices are rising, affecting the cost of everything we buy, not just our […]

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The Fed “Doth Protest Too Much.”

In 2010, The Huffington Post reported: “WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a panel investigating the financial crisis that regulators must be ready to shutter the largest institutions if they threaten to bring down the financial system. ‘If the crisis has a single lesson, it is that the too-big-to-fail problem must be solved,’ Bernanke said Thursday while […]

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Best of Dennis – The Jig Is Up!

Best of Dennis… Dennis is tending to his health again but is on the mend and hopes to be back writing very soon. Here’s another article that is very relevant today and worthy of a re-read. This article was originally posted on August 19, 2021. The Jig Is Up! “Today Congress is constantly besieged by minority groups seeking benefits from […]

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Banks Make Billions Printing/Lending Money When They Don’t Have To Worry About Being Paid Back!

Imagine a bank creating unlimited funds to lend, earning billions in fees and interest, with no worries about the borrower defaulting. It’s happening today – big time! This week’s reading stack began with a Wolf Street article, “Deep-Junk-Rated Carvana gets $4.5 Billion from New Investors, after Shares Collapsed by 79%….”. Despite regularly losing money and a deep junk bond rating, […]

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I’m Fed Up With The Fed’s BS

Halfway through my reading stack, I was furious. The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel, using tax dollars to line their pockets, pretending to protect the public from exactly what they have become. They claimed inflation was too low, shooting for an “average 2%”. Inflation raged and they called it “transitory”. Now they are pretending to deal with it, predicting […]

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