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The Disease Or Cure? Take Your Pick!

Outlet Mall with Empty Storefronts - The Disease Or Cure? Take Your Pick!Since I began my cancer treatment in 2019, my outside travel has been curtailed. Doctors, restaurants, and an occasional trip to visit family have been about it.

The good news is now I have more energy and feel like getting out and doing fun stuff. I recently made a trip to our local Factory Outlet Mall. I used to enjoy window shopping and eating in the food court. I was shocked, and unhappy with what I found.

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Retirement Survival – Trying to Hit a Moving Target

When it comes to retirement planning, Baby Boomers had the rug pulled out from under them by the government and Federal Reserve. For decades, Boomers worked with their financial planners, saving, investing, and strategizing – targeting their “magic number.” How much money did they need to have on their retirement day to live comfortably and enjoy their golden years? Bank […]

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What The Heck Happened To Camelot?

Early Baby Boomers (1946-1964) were moving into their teen years when President Kennedy was elected. The Kennedys were young, good looking and reminded people of Snow White and Prince Charming. Times were good. We were not at war, jobs were plentiful, the suburbs were exploding as home ownership became available for the middle class. We bought our first home in […]

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The Great Deception

The Fed’s “magic money” game is about over! They try to fool the public into thinking they are sitting in a giant control center, making decisions, punching their keyboards, and controlling the economy. Happy days are here again, today, tomorrow and forever. Not to worry, the Feds got you covered. Cut the crap! The Chicago Fed outlines their dual mandate, […]

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What Kind Of Recession Is This?

When we left Phoenix for vacation there were “Help Wanted” signs everywhere. Most retail stores were clamoring for help. Restaurants had entire sections of unused tables because they couldn’t get help to take care of customers. Retailers complained about delivery dates; vendors couldn’t get help to keep up with order demand. It’s the same here in Indiana. Our youngest daughter […]

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Best of Dennis – Feel Discombobulated, Confused, Distracted and Betrayed? You Are Not Alone

Best of Dennis… Dennis is still on a short break spending time with his family. He will be back writing very soon, but in the meantime, here’s another article worthy of a re-read in today’s economy. This article was originally posted on August 5, 2021. Feel Discombobulated, Confused, Distracted and Betrayed? You Are Not Alone When I finished writing “Whistling […]

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