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Fed Fiddles While Main Street Burns

Fed Fiddlesroman emperor cartoon isolated on white - While Main Street BurnsSince the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, the role of the Federal Reserve has changed. The Fed used to be owned by banks while high-risk investment houses were separated and not considered part of the banking system.

Since the repeal, banks have consolidated where the top four banks now account for 50% of all US Banking assets. In addition, they have merged with high-risk investment houses and become casino banks.

What has (hasn't) changed?

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Do You Trust The Fed?

The public is on to the Fed’s inflation game! The Fed called it “transitory”. Baloney! The Fed announced: “…it is accelerating its removal of monetary support for the economy, citing a rise in inflation that has seen the biggest jump in prices nearly 40 years. In a move to cool growth, policy makers also said they expect to hike interest […]

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Old Age Sure Ain’t For Sissies

I like to close out each year with a mentoring article. Something from the heart, out of the mainstream, and lead into the new year on a positive note. MarketWatch labeled me a RetireMentor. I enjoy sharing my life experiences, good and bad, in hopes of helping others through their journey. I’ve had some medical challenges over the last few […]

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Best of Dennis – When Does Inevitable Become Imminent?

Best of Dennis… Dennis is tending to his health again and hopes to be back writing very soon. Here’s another article I felt was relevant and worthy of a re-read. This article was originally posted on September 9, 2021. When Does Inevitable Become Imminent? Jared Dillian’s “The 10th Man” article, “Coming Apart” grabbed my attention: “ZeroHedge is fond of saying: […]

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Yesterday’s Norm, Today’s RADICAL!

I watched a terrific webinar with friend Chuck Butler, Rich Checkan and Chris Blasi. I submitted a question; “Do you think interest rates will ever return to normal?” All emphasized we won’t see anything close to 5-6%, (the normal for decades) in our lifetime. It would take a “radical” change for worldwide governments to do so. Radical is defined: “very […]

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