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Locking In Safe Returns Is Not So Easy....

Lock In Your Rate words on a button or round symbol to illustrate securing a mortgage or loan number as a fixed rate on a home purchase - Locking In Safe Returns Is Not So EasyGood friend and bond expert, Chuck Butler recently mentioned:

"And someone somewhere, somehow is buying the 10-year Treasury, and the yield on the bond is slipping again, with it trading with 3.73% yield this morning."

Yields were at a high of around 4.2% and closed out the week at 3.82%. Why are yields slipping? The Fed raised rates and signaled they will continue.

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Subscriber John H. is Canadian. He regularly posts inspirational messages on a tree stump which is much appreciated in his neighborhood. It should resonate everywhere! I was pleased he gave me permission to share it. (I cropped off his last name to protect his privacy.)   Happy Thanksgiving to All. May You Take-a-Moment to do one or more of the […]

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Step Right Up, Get Your Stimmy Checks!

Who wouldn’t want FREE money? Politicians love it and citizens gladly accept it. Stimmy checks?? The Government Accounting Office touts, “The federal government made direct payments to individuals totaling $931billion.” That does not include student loan forgiveness or other government handouts. Now the states are getting into the act. Yahoo supplies the current scorecard, “These twenty states are sending out […]

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My Dad Was Dumb Like a Fox!

“I told my dad he was dumb, turned out he was dumb like a fox!” That comment came from a friend in the bond department of a large brokerage firm. We were discussing buying bonds, CDs and interest rates. He was fresh out of college when Paul Volcker started raising interest rates to double digits. With extraordinarily high-interest rates, his […]

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Money Ain’t What It Used To Be!

What is money? Baby boomers worry about retirement, workers never seem to have enough while politicians spend other people’s money recklessly to buy votes. Richard Maybury writes a terrific publication which I highly recommend. His recent issue grabbed my attention: (Emphasis mine) “Ever since President Nixon bamboozled the whole world by sabotaging the gold standard in 1971, there has been […]

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The Party’s Over!

Fed Chairman Powell tried to convince the public inflation was “transitory”. Eventually, he could no longer ignore reality. The Fed raised interest rates several times and vows to continue to do so, until inflation is stabilized at 2%. As expected, mortgage rates are skyrocketing, the real estate market is tumbling, along with the stock and bond markets. The Party’s Over! […]

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