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Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down!

stress level conceptual meter indicating maximum, financial stress concept isolated on white backgroundBaby Boomers remember Abbott & Costello's, famous comedy skit,"Who's on first?"


"Lou Costello,…appeared lively and fun in his comedy bits, but behind the laughter was a life marred by tragedy.

…. Despite this success,…(he) experienced a darker side of life.

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Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down!

Baby Boomers remember Abbott & Costello’s, famous comedy skit, “Who’s on first?” Grunge.com explains: “Lou Costello,…appeared lively and fun in his comedy bits, but behind the laughter was a life marred by tragedy. …. Despite this success,…(he) experienced a darker side of life. In November 1943, Costello had just returned from a six-month absence from TV. He had been sidelined […]

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Step Right Up, Place Your Bets

Fed Chairman Powell is caught in a trap; high inflation, interest on the national debt, a stock market bubble about to burst, while “too big to fail” banks are ready to tumble. Powell is desperately trying to manipulate interest rates to keep everything from falling apart. Powell said Congress needs, “an adult conversation among elected officials about getting the federal […]

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This Time IS Different!

The Economist published an abstract of the book, “This Time Is Different, Eight Centuries of Financial Folly,” by Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff. They explain: “Every so often, experts sucker people into bidding up the prices of stocks or real estate because they announce that the economy has fundamentally changed. When You Hear ‘This Time Is Different,’ Don’t […]

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More Than Just Hope – Play To Win!

Our article, The Impossible Dream outlines how actions of the political class, Federal Reserve and casino-banks are leading our country into extraordinarily difficult times. Subscriber Mike G. asks a doggone good question: “When first learning to play chess, I was focused only on protecting my pieces. As my skills progressed it was taking ever longer to defeat me, but I […]

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Five Words I Never Want To Hear

I subscribe to Bonner Private Research. Bill Bonner’s article, The Burden of Memory grabbed me. I felt he was speaking directly to me: “What should an old man do? What should he be? No longer raising children. No longer a captain of industry nor even a cog in the machine. No longer fit for battle or lead man in a […]

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Powell Is Caught In A Trap – but – We Don’t Have To Be!

Fed Chairman Powell has the impossible task of guiding the economy to a “soft landing” – balancing the need to tame out-of-control inflation while preventing a major market crash and recession/depression. Here’s what is bearing down on America. The Fed bailed out the banks; $9 trillion+ in phony money. Government debt skyrocketed over $34 trillion and climbing. Soon the interest […]

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The Impossible Dream

US debt is out of control; inflation is still rising. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is tasked with fixing a historic mess. The star is unreachable…. The Glass Steagall Act was passed in 1933. Until its repeal under the Clinton administration in 1999, the Federal Reserve had no “emergency” banking system bailouts. Less than a decade later things blew up, and […]

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