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Walk Softly – Big Brother Wields A Big Stick

Big BrotherPeople move about the world for different reasons; climate, health, employment, family and to escape for a better life. Our forefathers risked their lives for a dream of a brighter future.

Legendary golfer Phil Mickelson, a California native, complained about the state having the highest taxes in the nation and he was (gasp!) considering moving to a more tax-friendly jurisdiction. He later apologized, saying it was "insensitive to state his opinion publicly when people are living paycheck to paycheck." Could high taxes be part of the cause?

Fellow golfer, Tiger Woods says "Mickelson Was Right About Taxes." The California Political Review tells us:

"Tiger Woods moved from Orange County, California to Orange County, Florida. In the first year of that move, he saved $13 million in taxes. …. Now it looks like Phil Michelson is about to make the same decision. He earns $60 million a year-he would save north of $5 million a year to move to a free State, like Florida or Texas."

Woods earned well over $1 billion before taxes; his net worth is estimated around $600 million. California's top tax rate is 13.3%. It's not just one year, would it be worth an extra $133 million in taxes to live in CA?

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