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Deriving Their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed...

United States founding documents on a vintage American flagI hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July. My webmaster sent me a link to a cool website that offers some history about the Declaration of Independence as well as the full text.

As I read it, I realized the message from our founding fathers is more profound than anything I planned on writing.

I encourage everyone to read the full text below. They put their lives on the line to give us a free country.

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Who’s Betting On America?

I read Bill Bonner’s Diary regularly. Bill cuts through the smoke and mirrors, and explain things in understandable, matter-of-fact terms. He recently wrote, Don’t Bet on America. “Never, ever bet against America,” says the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffet), perhaps exaggerating. Countries, like individuals, make mistakes. …. It was a bad idea to bet against America throughout most of the […]

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The Fed Always Runs To Save Wall Street

Chuck Butler recently discussed the probability of default of $300 trillion in global debt. Chuck added, “The Fed always runs to save Wall Street.” Why is that? Why not Main Street? The Federal Reserve website outlines their mission: “The objectives as mandated by the Congress in the Federal Reserve Act are promoting (1) maximum employment, which means all Americans that […]

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Keeping Our Wits During Chaotic Times

Times are chaotic! Historically, when chaos reigns and emotions are turbocharged, there are winners and losers. Despite the stress, winners manage to see things clearly and keep their wits about them. Recently we interviewed John Williams at Shadowstats. He said government unemployment and inflation numbers are bogus. He also tells us: – Worst U.S. Economic Activity Ever Reported – Production […]

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Who Do You Trust?

Every day we see infuriating, politically biased Facebook posts, followed by others totally debunking the point. Someone is lying, and may have spent a lot of money for a professional presentation, to make their lie convincing. Who do you trust? “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Dr. Deborah Birx, concerned that the Center for Disease Control […]

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Commencement Address To The Graduating Class Of 2020

Congratulations graduates, you have worked hard and should be celebrating your academic success. Don’t allow a temporary setback to dampen your spirits! Whether you are graduating from college, high school, grade school or something else, my message is the same. Last year a reader sent me, “We Are What We Choose”. It’s the remarks by then 46-year-old Jeff Bezos (billionaire […]

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