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Will The Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?

Will the next bank bailout bankrupt America?Can bank bailouts bankrupt America? Why would congress let it happen?

In a recent Daily Pfennig, friend Chuck Butler tells about educating his grandsons about the worst president there has ever been:

"…. I couldn't let that one slip … I explained to them that Woodrow Wilson was the all-time worst president, … culminating with, he ushered in the Federal Reserve…."

Minnesota Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, (father of the famous aviator) warned:

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The Bond Market Is Nuts!

The bond market is absolutely nuts – devoid of any common sense. Back in the days when professors used chalkboards, and actually taught classes, I studied Business Economics. We learned how capital and labor come together to produce goods and services, create jobs and profits. If capital was needed, you could borrow and pay interest. Interest is the rent you […]

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Are We Headed For A Market Crash?

I recently wrote “Most readers have felt … for some time, … things are just not right, yet so far, nothing horrible has happened.” Ron Paul’s recent article, Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ about to Pop?, reinforces those fears: “When the New York Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repurchasing (repo) markets in September, […]

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