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Best of Dennis – Will The Stock Market Protect You Against Inflation?

InflationDennis is still tending to his health and hopes to be back writing very soon. Here's another article I felt was relevant and worthy of a re-read. This article was originally posted on May 16, 2019.

How do baby boomers protect their life savings from the ravages of inflation? Our recent interview with Chuck Butler got the attention of many readers. We reviewed how gold and foreign currencies performed during the high inflation Carter years. During a five-year period beginning 1/1/77, we experienced almost 60% inflation. That destroyed a lot of wealth held by seniors and savers.

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Pack Your Own Parachute!

I published this article five years ago. Sadly, things seem to be getting worse. The message is even more important today. Those who think and act independently will always survive. Today is a real downer. We just finished a wonderful week with our youngest grandchildren. They’re now gone and the house is quiet. That’s not what is causing my mood, […]

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When Does Inevitable Become Imminent?

Jared Dillian’s “The 10th Man” article, “Coming Apart” grabbed my attention: “ZeroHedge is fond of saying: ‘On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.’ Let me add Dillian’s corollary to that: On a long enough timeline, everyone gets to be right. Who has consistently been wrong? The Austrian gold bugs always predict doom. They will […]

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Bob’s Big Wheel Bar

Friend Courtenay W. sent a cool email using a small business analogy to help explain today’s economic mess. I modified it, hoping to make things clear. Bob’s Big Wheel Bar is in Motor Home City, surrounded by several motorhome manufacturers. For decades, factory workers frequented Bob’s Big Wheel Bar, many cashing and spending their paychecks on Fridays. The 2008 bank […]

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