FREE: A 7-Step Questionnaire – Am I A Candidate For An Annuity?

While a good annuity may provide an alternative source of guaranteed income, savvy investors know many insurance products are poor investments.

What will this FREE report, “A 7-Step Questionnaire – Am I a Candidate For An Annuity” do for you?

  • You’ll learn how to determine how much retirement income you need.
  • You’ll learn honest information about projected longevity.
  • You’ll learn how to address the difficult, emotional questions that must be factored into retirement planning.
  • You will learn how to calculate how much income you need to supplement your other sources of retirement income.

And most of all…

  • In the comfort of your home, it will help YOU determine if you may be a candidate for an annuity.

If you would like to learn if an annuity might be right for you but are reluctant to do so because you fear a high-pressure sales pitch to buy something you don’t need or understand – you are not alone.

No one wants a high-pressure sales pitch from a salesperson desperate to earn a commission.

The FREE, “A 7-Step Questionnaire – Am I A Candidate For An Annuity?” is an unbiased, easy to read (9 page) PDF report. At the end of the quiz, there is no number to call or series of following emails offering a quote.

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