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Dennis MillerInvesting retirement money is totally different from how we invested in the past. You are no longer trying to get rich; your goal is to make your money last for the rest of your life so you can enjoy your golden years. Successful retirement is a combination of having enough money to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without constantly having to worry about your future.

I’m here to teach you now. Not as a young stock broker or adviser who doesn’t understand you at all, but as a fellow retiree.

I’ve always been an educator. First as a consultant with Fortune 500 companies – training hundreds of executives at places like GE, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, HP, IBM, Corning Glass, Eastman Kodak, AC Nielsen, and Johns-Manville.

I loved what I did. I was an active international lecturer for 40 years, and authored several books on sales and sales management, a contributor to the American Management Association and a member of the Mensa Society. And, proud to say, a former US Marine.

Since 1990, I’ve been a serious student of investing – devoting many hours a day to reading and speaking with investment managers, authors, analysts, and anyone who could broaden my knowledge of investing.

A few years ago, David Galland, former partner with Casey Research, convinced me to write a book titled Retirement Reboot. The book tells how the government’s new low interest rate policy would derail our generation’s retirement dreams if we did not change the way we invest. David also convinced me to write a newsletter, “Money Forever”, which gave practical advice on how retirement money should be invested safely. It was shelved with the sale of the company that published it, but I continue on.

I’m so lucky to do what I love to do every day – helping people understand how to make their nest egg last.

Today, I am a regular contributor to MarketWatch, as a “RetireMentor”. I pride myself on taking on conventional wisdom from the perspective of someone who has actually been retired. There are times when conventional wisdom is simply bad advice.

Ask anyone who has taken a lump sum payout of their 401(k) about the huge knot in their stomach, knowing their nest egg must last forever. Regardless of how you made your money, we are all money managers now; it has to last.

But enough about me – how can I help YOU?

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