I don’t have time to plan – I’m too busy

I hung up the phone and shook my head. I have a good friend (I’ll call him Joe) who talks with me about his retirement fears. He’s in his peak earning and expense years with children getting ready for college. He’s diligent about making his 401 (k) contributions although he is not contributing the maximum. As always, I suggest he […]

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The Seeds are Sprouting for the Next Real Estate Bust

A recent Bloomberg article, “There’s Some Hope for First-Time Home Buyers” caught my attention. “First-time homebuyers are finally jumping into the U.S. property market. ….Originations of FHA-backed mortgages, used predominately by first-time buyers, were up 54 percent in September from a year earlier…. By December, the FHA insured 22 percent of all loan originations, up from 17 percent a year […]

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When you are over the barrel, the goal is to get off the barrel

My Marine Corps drill instructor said it best, “When you are over the barrel being flogged, your goal is to get off the barrel and punish your captor so no one will ever think about doing it again.” Do we have a problem? Bloomberg recently quoted spokesmen from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley predicting oil prices could drop to $20/bbl. or […]

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