The GWOET Strikes Again!

Since the August stock market reversal all eyes have been on the Federal Reserve. What will the Federal Reserve (who are more aptly named the Grand Wizards of Economic Theory, or GWOET for short) do to fix the world? Like Merlin the Magician, what magic trick will they come up with to cure the economy, stock market, labor market and underfunded retirement […]

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What do we mean by “enjoying” retirement?

I am really excited today to introduce you to Leisa Peterson. She has some terrific credentials – Leisa is a Certified Financial Planner, with a 25 year career in financial services. She created a company called WealthClinic that focuses on helping people transform their relationship with money so that they live with greater freedom, more peace of mind and more fulfillments. Leisa has […]

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Social Security Trustees Distress Signal is Being Ignored

DOT, DOT, DOT, DASH, DASH, DASH, DOT, DOT, DOT is being screamed by the Social Security Trustees and no one is listening. For those not familiar with Morse Code, that signals “Save our Ship”. In a recent article “The USS Social Security is sinking fast” I highlighted the conclusion from the 2015 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report “Social Security’s Disability Insurance […]

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