Rope-a-dope Fed style – “I’m going to sting like a butterfly and float like a bee!”

In June the Federal Reserve announced no rate increase. In typical Fed doublespeak they dropped several hints. The original rope-a-dope man, Muhammad Ali, is probably rolling his eyes in bewilderment. Remember the Fed said they would hike rates when unemployment got below 6.2%. Oops! Too soon, and they waffled refusing to commit to further benchmarks. Last summer the Fed hinted the economy […]

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Don’t let the market downturn do you in

Investors, now is the time for caution… Today’s forecast: yield-starved investors forced into the market by seemingly permanent low interest rates will continue to be collateral damage. For some, that collateral damage may involve more than the loss of income opportunities… many could be wiped out completely. At a recent investment conference, I asked the participants in our discussion group: “If there […]

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