The Bond Market Is Nuts!

The bond market is absolutely nuts – devoid of any common sense. Back in the days when professors used chalkboards, and actually taught classes, I studied Business Economics. We learned how capital and labor come together to produce goods and services, create jobs and profits. If capital was needed, you could borrow and pay interest. Interest is the rent you […]

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Is Investing In Foreign Currency Still A Good Idea?

In 2008, I began investing in foreign currency. The Fed created trillions of dollars out of thin air, high inflation was sure to follow. With the help of friend Chuck Butler, I bought FDIC insured foreign currency Certificates of Deposit (CD) through Everbank. I also bought Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and sent money offshore; investing in stocks and bonds denominated […]

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Turning the Page

I’ve been overwhelmed with all the wonderful support and encouragement from readers in dealing with my cancer issue. Thank you all. When we received the diagnosis, we opted for an aggressive form of treatment with chemo and radiation that has a 98% probability of a cure. The other alternative had fewer side effects but drops the odds to 88%. After […]

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