Make Your Milestones Count!

The Florida Keys are a special part of the world. Longtime residents, referred to as conchs (pronounced conks) have a unique and different culture – a much simpler, laid-back, and relaxed lifestyle. The Keys are a series of islands connected by one road, US-1. The drive from the Florida mainland to Key West is a beautiful, memorable one, across 42 […]

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How To Use Foreign Currency To Combat Inflation

Can an average investor use foreign currencies as a hedge against the rapid decline of the purchasing power of the US dollar? Last week, friend Chuck Butler and I discussed WHY investors should use currencies as an inflation hedge. This week we discuss HOW even small investors can do so from the comfort of their own home. The discussion continues… […]

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Between 75 And Death

If you knew you had a short time left to live, would you do anything differently? The movie, “Bucket List” highlighted how two men came to terms with their impending demise and went on quite an adventure before they “kicked the bucket”. Longtime friend Kirk B. sent me an article published in the Watauga Democrat, “Between 65 and death”, offering […]

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