Should We Worry About Government Deficit?

US Debt

If our elected leaders are not concerned about the government deficit, should the citizens be worried? Governments worldwide spend more than their total revenue and borrow to make up the difference. The U.S. Debt Clock shows the US federal debt to be $21.6 trillion, averaging $177,283 per taxpayer. The government now pays interest on $21.6 trillion. Below is a graph […]

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Rubbers, Runways, Robbers & Rewards

Consumers love rewards programs, whether it’s cash back, free miles or a free dessert at their local eatery. They’re generally a tit-for-tat, you do business with them and they reward you for doing so. Our article, “Does Government Debt Really Matter?” generated interesting responses. Subscriber Bob O. lamented how our government is borrowing billions and wasting it. He sent a […]

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Does Government Debt Really Matter?

The numbers on the US Debt Clock are spinning at a dazzling pace. US government debt is now over $21 trillion, $174 thousand per taxpayer. Add another $3 trillion for debts of state and local government on the stack. Unfunded federal government promises are almost $113 trillion, $900,000 per taxpayer, not including another $6 trillion in state unfunded pension liabilities. […]

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