Are the Central Banks Manipulating the Price of Gold?

I was in a panic. I was living off the interest from our Certificates of Deposit (CDs). The government passed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), and interest rates tanked. My world went topsy-turvy as the banks redeemed my CDs. The new, lower rates won’t pay the bills. Not even close! Isn’t high inflation caused by increasing the currency supply […]

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4 Tips for Catastrophe Protection

Parenting never ends. My granddaughter bought her first car and asked me about insurance. She had two quotes: one with a $100 deductible and a second for $500 deductible. She was leaning toward the $100 deductible because “it was only $10 more per month”. So why not take that option? I explained the higher premium policy buys an additional $400 in […]

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