Failing To Check A Simple Box Can Destroy Your Retirement Dreams

October 2008 Bob and Ray were close friends; both retired and lived across the street from one another. One fateful morning, each took their coffee into the den, flipped on the computer and checked their brokerage account. As the data popped up, they both did a double take…. “What the heck is going on?” Overnight their lives changed dramatically! Like […]

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Wall Street Ignores Corporate Earnings Deception – Don’t Get Burned!

Diogenes would have a tough time finding an honest man announcing corporate earnings. In my article, Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot?, I outlined how Pepsi trumpeted sales and profit increases, yet both actually declined. Investors have a difficult challenge managing their life savings dealing with phony, deceptive data. Corporate America blares misleading headline numbers hoping to drive up their stock prices […]

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All Signs Point To Gold

The US Debt Clock tells us our national debt is around $21 trillion. Social Security promises are approaching $17 trillion – included in the “unfunded” government promises – over $112 trillion. Despite government mandated Cost of Living Increases, our recent article, “An Inconvenient Truth About Social Security” clearly indicates social security recipients have no inflation protection.Each month, seniors and savers […]

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