Inflation, Deflation, Bailouts & Tax Increases! What Should We Expect?

What is happening is unprecedented! Two multi-trillion-dollar bailout packages in less than a year and a third in the works. The Charlotte Business Journal reports: “In the past few years, we have experienced three major tax and financial changes that we typically only expect once a decade. …. This year, we are expecting another major bill (if not multiple) to […]

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Walk Softly – Big Brother Wields A Big Stick

People move about the world for different reasons; climate, health, employment, family and to escape for a better life. Our forefathers risked their lives for a dream of a brighter future. Legendary golfer Phil Mickelson, a California native, complained about the state having the highest taxes in the nation and he was (gasp!) considering moving to a more tax-friendly jurisdiction. […]

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Dump Your Business Partner – NOW!

Good friend Alex N. recently sent me an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “IRA Clock is Ticking”. Author Tim Grant warns, “If seniors unknowingly miss the Dec. 31 withdrawal deadline, it ends up costing them dearly in the form of a tax penalty that amounts to 50 percent of what they should have withdrawn.” He explains the Required Minimum Distribution […]

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