Walk Softly – Big Brother Wields A Big Stick

People move about the world for different reasons; climate, health, employment, family and to escape for a better life. Our forefathers risked their lives for a dream of a brighter future. Legendary golfer Phil Mickelson, a California native, complained about the state having the highest taxes in the nation and he was (gasp!) considering moving to a more tax-friendly jurisdiction. […]

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Dump Your Business Partner – NOW!

Good friend Alex N. recently sent me an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “IRA Clock is Ticking”. Author Tim Grant warns, “If seniors unknowingly miss the Dec. 31 withdrawal deadline, it ends up costing them dearly in the form of a tax penalty that amounts to 50 percent of what they should have withdrawn.” He explains the Required Minimum Distribution […]

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The GWOET Strikes Again!

Since the August stock market reversal all eyes have been on the Federal Reserve. What will the Federal Reserve (who are more aptly named the Grand Wizards of Economic Theory, or GWOET for short) do to fix the world? Like Merlin the Magician, what magic trick will they come up with to cure the economy, stock market, labor market and underfunded retirement […]

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