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Many readers encouraged us to accept donations. My wife’s response – “If you are going to do that, make sure readers know it’s strictly voluntary, no pressure – no hassle!”

“Your blog/column is golden – you ask so little in return for extraordinarily helpful information.

I buy everything on Amazon through your link, but that’s only 1 – 2
items/month. Candidly, Dennis, you might want to establish a link where readers can contribute. You might be surprised – just add it to the end of your column.

Your work is valued and appreciated, sir.” … Mike T.

“Mr. Miller, I have read your letters and articles for years and was even a subscriber to your investment newsletter when you were with Doug Casey.

I would like to contribute to your “On the Money”, without going through Amazon or buying another investment newsletter, because I think you provide valuable insight into various topics affecting retirees.

Do you have a mechanism that I can just donate to help you to keep “On the Money” available for free, especially to those that need the advice but cannot afford to pay for it?” … Respectfully, Doug H. (emphasis mine)

“I look forward to your emails – and would gladly pay for them. Thank you so much. I always forward them to friends and family.”   … Judy B.

We really appreciate the kind comments, encouragement and donations. How lucky I feel, at my age, to still be able to make a difference!

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NOTE: You don’t have to sign up for PayPal to use your credit card.