What is the Miller “On The Money” Annuity Guide?

The Most Comprehensive, Easy to Understand,
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Annuity Guide
Before 2008, retirees had two things: trust in the stock market and a source of safe income. Since then, both vanished: the 2008 stock market crisis and massive bank bailouts destroyed retirees’ portfolios. Safe income floors are no longer around. Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported interest rates are the lowest the world has seen in 5000 years.

Individual investors and professional money managers are still desperately searching for safe, good yielding investments to fill the void and provide a comfortable income floor for retirees.

A recent survey showed 70% of the respondents planned on working after their normal retirement age. People are afraid they will run out of money, are searching for help and who can blame them?

What makes this Guide different?

Most educational material is provided by those who sell annuities – promotional reports designed to look like education. Their goal is to persuade the reader to contact them, sell an annuity and earn a nice commission.

The Miller on the Money Annuity Guide is strictly for educational purposes. You will not find anything at the end that says, “Call this number for a quote” or be hassled with follow up email solicitations.

Here are some of the topics covered in easy to understand, everyday language:

Annuities are expensive, and (in many cases) the decision is irreversible. Let’s set the record straight: annuities are not for everyone.

  • What is an annuity?
  • What are the risks associated with annuities?
  • Am I a candidate for an annuity?
  • What is “income certainty” and how do I achieve it?
  • How does an annuity fit into an overall retirement portfolio?
  • How do I determine my real needs?
  • Is it possible to tailor an annuity to meet those needs?
  • How do I protect from high inflation?
  • How do I find a reputable agent?
  • How do I keep from getting ripped off?
  • You’ll learn that buying the wrong annuity is worse than buying none at all.

And most of all…

  • Should you decide an annuity is not right for you, the report did the job.
  • Should you feel an annuity might be a possible addition to your retirement portfolio, you will be an educated shopper when you call your financial professional.

“I just finished reading your Annuity Guide and my first comment is, where was this 10 years ago when I bought my first annuity. I appreciate your honest approach and your no-nonsense way of explaining it. You are right, if we don’t get it right the first time many of us do not get a second chance. I recommend your Annuity Guide to anyone, even if they are not looking to buy an annuity. This is the best explanation I have ever heard and certainly not from the salesman trying to sell me one.” – V.K.

The Miller On the Money Annuity Guide is a comprehensive 63-page (PDF) educational report.

It’s affordably priced at $30. No gimmicks, no games, no high-pressure close and no free toaster if you buy in the next 30 minutes. It’s just a darn good value!

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Here is what just a few readers had to say:

Joe J. writes:

“My wife and I read the Annuity Guide together while on a road trip a couple of weeks ago. I drive and she reads. We also read an assortment of other articles that people have written on the subject. Your guide is by far the most objective and very thorough. The most meaningful take away for me was buying an annuity for what it guarantees not for what it could be. I am checking the annuity I bought about 8 years ago and of course, it is not structured the best way. I really appreciate what you are doing and wish you the best.”

From Al W.:

“I just finished your Annuity Guide. It’s clear and easy to understand. I feel like I know all I need to know about annuities. I’m confident in my ability to make the right decision and be an educated shopper.”

Courtenay W. writes:

“When Dennis asked if I would help edit his Guide I told him I have a built-in bias. I have always been skittish about annuities since so many advertise, “guaranteed income for life – never worry again!” I might not be objective.

His response was, “Perfect! You think just like most of my readers, that is exactly what I want.” I am grateful Dennis asked me to help. I learned a lot, my bias is gone and I’ve concluded one day a properly structured annuity might be the best choice for us or for my wife.”

From Stan The Annuity Man:

“When Dennis began our interview I encouraged him to do more. He is the perfect person to take the complicated subject of annuities and explain them in easily understood terms from the perspective of the average person. I’m glad he agreed to take on the project. His Guide is a no-nonsense, common sense guide to annuities. I recommend it. It’s money well spent!”

Fred S. writes:

“I teach a class on Financial Peace at our church. After reading the Annuity Guide, it is a must addition to our subject material.”

From Alex D.:

“Dennis has managed to demystify one of the most arcane financial products. Read his guide and it will be crystal clear if an annuity is right for you, and how to buy one without getting ripped off. If only all other financial decisions were as simple as Dennis makes this one.”

Mel K. writes:

“Thanks so much for the Annuity guide. You made a somewhat complicated subject easy to understand. The Guide was very informative. I would advise anyone who has an interest in annuities to read Dennis’ Guide. Great stuff.”