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(72 pages) “How To Find A Financial Advisor To Meet YOUR Needs” is an electronic publication (PDF). It is designed for the average investor trying to find help in managing their life savings.

It is the result of hundreds of hours of research, with professionals and investors alike. Readers will appreciate the conflict-free, straightforward advice.

Subscriber Lee C. summed things up well about what the report IS NOT:

“This is the first report I’ve seen that IS NOT written by someone wanting to manage my money, or looking to sell my name for a nice referral fee. It is strictly educational, with no hidden agenda. Many financial advisors will NOT want their clients reading this report. There hidden sources of fees and income are exposed.

Hiring the wrong financial advisor can be a costly mistake. Get it right the first time.”



Who needs this report?

Since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the 2008 bank bailouts, the nature of safely managing your life savings has changed dramatically. Banks and brokerage houses were required to be separate entities. Investors lent money to banks (via Certificates of Deposit) and earned good, FDIC insured income to pay their bills.

Brokerage houses allowed investors to buy stocks and bonds and were compensated on a transactional (brokerage commission) basis.

Today, the two have merged and the Wall Street financial consortium is a gigantic consumer rip off. Interest rates are unlikely to keep up with inflation. Investors, desperately seeking yield, were forced into the stock market.

The banks no longer need our money, they get it from the government. They no longer pay reasonable interest. They flipped the scheme so they get paid ongoing fees to hold the wealth of much of the nation.

A recent study showed America’s top five banks controlled 47% of banking assets. The top 1% of mutual funds have 45% of assets. It is estimated that $17 billion in “investor harm” is caused annually by brokers putting their interests ahead of their clients.

A 2018 MarketWatch tally showed top banks have been fined hundreds of billions for ripping off consumers. No one went to jail. The process continues.

The system is designed to capture as much money from the consumer as possible, sell them overhyped investment products and hold those investments in funds providing ongoing fees. Those who do that job well are highly rewarded.

Retail salespeople with fancy titles like “senior financial manager” are armed with computer programs designed to herd your money into their company-sponsored mutual funds.

This report is designed to help an average investor find qualified professional help, addressing YOUR needs, without getting ripped off in the process.

In easy to understand, everyday language, the Report details, step-by-step, the following topics:

✓ How much money do I need to retire?

✓ What type of financial help do I need?

✓ Are you a candidate for a financial advisor?

✓ What are you trying to accomplish?

✓ Where do I find competent professional help?

✓ Interviewing potential candidates

✓ Managing your Money Manager

What makes this report unique?

For the last decade, as an editor in the financial services industry, I’ve seen hundreds of cases where salespeople, with fancy titles like “senior financial consultant”, put their client’s money into high risk, unsuitable investments. They make it much too easy for consumers to shrug their shoulders and say, “OK you are the expert” while profiteering off of their client’s life savings.

If you are worth several hundred million dollars, the experts will seek you out. A large account will make it well worth their time to look after your special needs.

The average investor, managing their 401k, has a much bigger challenge. Is it possible to navigate the rip-off minefield and find a financial advisor who looks after your best interest? Yes, but it takes some work and an understanding of what to look for, and most of all what red flags to avoid.

We are not licensed or qualified to offer individual, personal investment advice. We do not recommend any financial advisors to our readers, under any circumstances. Our mission in life is education. An educated investor, who understands the current landscape, will do just fine!


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