When Should I File For Social Security (Report)


Regardless of when you file for benefits, you are making a bet with the government on your personal longevity.


Should you file at age 62, 70 or any point in between? Understand the true odds by knowing all the facts before you decide!


This report presents the facts, considerations, and assumptions enabling real people to make one of the most critical decisions in their life. The decision involves thousands of dollars and you must get it right the first time!



What Will This Report Do For You?

In easily understood terms, this educational report outlines the factors you should consider in making a decision about what is right for you and your spouse.


✓ What are you really trying to accomplish?

✓ How old do I have to be before filing early becomes a bad decision?

✓ If I decide to defer benefits, how long must I live for it to become a good decision?

✓ What tools are available to help me understand the technical issues?

✓ What happens if the government changes the program?

✓ How do I separate emotional hype from facts?

✓ How does anticipated longevity affect my decision?

✓ If I file early and save the money, does it change the risk factor?


For less than a typical Starbucks ($4.95) you will receive a terrific tool, with information you will not find elsewhere, that could save you thousands of dollars.


Take it with you to the Social Security Administration or to your appointment with your financial advisor. Make sure they present the entire picture and you have all the information you need to make the right decisions.


You will be better educated, more confident and make your own decision.


Don’t be fooled by those who say the computer automatically provides the answer. I outline a new computer program that theoretically “found” over $150,000 in benefits! Do the robots know something you don’t? Do robots know there is currently a bill in a congress that could change everything?


When to file for Social Security is NOT a math problem, it is a major, once in a lifetime decision. The math is important but it must be put in perspective with many other LIFE considerations!


When Should I File For Social Security (Report) – Only $4.95

(17-pages – An electronic publication (PDF). It is an unbiased, straightforward, easy to understand educational report. This report is the result of many hours of research and conversations with unbiased financial professionals.

3 reviews for When Should I File For Social Security (Report)

  1. Alex N.

    While I have already filed for social security, I have friends and family members that are getting close to making this important decision. IT’S GOOD USEFUL INFORMATION!

    This is a great report that asks and answers SS questions and much more. It’ll help make the decision process easier; what’s best in your situation. IT’S EASY ON THE EYES!

    I would urge readers to print out a copy and for heavens sakes READ IT AND USE IT AS A TOOL!

    It’s money well spent!

  2. Tom G.

    Dennis has addressed an area of financial advice where many retired or soon to be retired people need to have guidance. Through experience, common sense, and research, he has helped many people transition into their retirement years. His writing is easy to read and understand and provides a solid platform for a successful retirement.

  3. Robert O.

    The report is honest, comprehensive and unbiased – and money well spent.

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