Dennis Miller’s Promise

Dennis MillerSeniors and savers are getting screwed! Since the first bank bailout bill in 2008, the government and banks have saved hundreds of billions of dollars in interest, at our expense. If you are not seriously changing how you accumulate, invest and spend your nest egg, you will not be able to successfully retire.

Conventional wisdom does not always work with retirement money. Remember the 4% rule? You could withdraw 4% annually and still have plenty left over.

In 2008 I had friends who saw their retirement portfolio drop by 40% to 50%. The “market will always come back” theory works when you have time on your side. They had bills to pay. That required 8%-plus withdrawals from their smaller nest egg. Their revised projections showed their money would no longer last. Talk about stress. Not all Wal-Mart greeters work because they’re bored.

I am not a financial planner. I do not manage other people’s money, nor am I hawking any type of investment product. I am a great grandfather and the voice of experience trying to help others enjoy their retirement.

I love taking on the conventional theories promoted by experts in expensive suits in lavish offices. While some are good, many have no clue what it is like to have a cantaloupe size knot in your stomach as you review your brokerage statement, knowing that money has to last for 25 years or more.

I consider myself a very lucky guy – I love what I do, and I get to share my knowledge and experience with people like you. I promise to tell it like it is, educate, and then you decide what works best for you. No theory, no book learning, just practical advice in easy to understand terms – I promise. Welcome to Miller On The Money!