When Should I File For Social Security?

Social Security Report
Don’t be fooled by those who make the answer sound like a no-brainer decision. It’s not! The answer is different for every person and couple depending on their individual situation.

Like it or not – you have an agreement with the federal government. You paid a lot of money in Social security taxes throughout your working career. Once you reach a certain age the government “promises” to pay you some benefits until you die. You lived up to your end of the bargain. Will the government do the same?

The government offers an incentive to those who defer their benefits in the form of higher monthly payments. Should you file at age 62, 70 or any point in between? Deferring your benefits is making a bet with the government on your personal longevity. Understand the true odds by knowing all the facts before you decide!

The Social Security decision can involve thousands of dollars and you must get it right the first time!

Those offering financial services write most of the advice. Their goal is to use the Social Security question to bring you into their office so they can sell you their financial products or services. Where can I find comprehensive, unbiased help without feeling pressured to buy something else?

There are many excellent, qualified, licensed financial professionals. Unfortunately some leave out critical facts, are biased and resort to emotional hype, exaggeration, and misinformation in pursuit of your business.

This report is an honest man’s attempt to present the facts, considerations, and assumptions enabling real people to make one of the most critical decisions in their life.

At the end of this report you will not see a “call for an appointment.” We do not sell financial products or manage other people’s money; nor do we have any financial arrangement with those who do. Our objective is to provide honest, unbiased education!

What Will This Report Do For You?

The purpose is education. It outlines, in easily understood terms, the factors you should consider in making a decision about what is right for you and your spouse.   

For less than a typical Starbucks ($4.95) you will receive a terrific tool with information you will not find elsewhere, that could save you thousands of dollars.

Take it with you to the Social Security Administration or to your appointment with your financial advisor. I recommend working with a qualified financial professional; particularly when discussing spousal benefits. Make sure they present the entire picture and you have all you need to make the right decisions.

Don’t be fooled or intimidated by the fancy offices and credentials of those doling out financial advice on Social Security. Make them work for you and give you all the facts and assumptions. When to file is an important LIFE decision!

I will walk you through all the decision-making steps. We’ll think about…

  • What’s the break even point where filing early may be a bad/good decision?
  • What if I die early or live a good long life?
  • Will the government cut benefits in the future?
  • What variables should I consider?

And you HAVE to get the answers right the first time.

You will be better educated, more confident and make your own decision.

Here is what misinformation looks like:

  • A promise to find a “lost” $320,000 in benefits owed to you. I’ll provide you with details on whether it’s true, or if you should stay away from this “free cash.”
  • A new piece of software that theoretically “found” over $150,000 in benefits! Do the robots know something you don’t? Do robots know there is currently a bill in a congress that could change everything?
When to file for Social Security is NOT a math problem, it is a major, once in a lifetime decision. The math is important but it must be put in perspective with many other LIFE considerations!

But don’t be misled; filing for benefits at age 62 is not a no-brainer decision either. In some cases it could be a very bad, expensive decision.

I’ll lay out all the facts, assumptions and considerations which should be factored into YOUR decision.

When Should I File For Social Security offers a thorough, unbiased education. Make sure you have all the facts before you make your Social Security decisions.

Here’s what a few readers had to say:

Tom G. writes:

“Dennis has addressed an area of financial advice where many retired or soon to be retired people need to have guidance. Through experience, common sense, and research, he has helped many people transition into their retirement years. His writing is easy to read and understand and provides a solid platform for a successful retirement.”

Alex N. writes:

“While I have already filed for social security, I have friends and family members that are getting close to making this important decision. IT’S GOOD USEFUL INFORMATION!
This is a great report that asks and answers SS questions and much more. It’ll help make the decision process easier; what’s best in your situation. IT’S EASY ON THE EYES!
I would urge readers to print out a copy and for heavens sakes READ IT AND USE IT AS A TOOL! It’s money well spent!

Robert O. writes:

“The report is honest, comprehensive and unbiased – and money well spent.”